Water Storage for Your Home

With the Cape Town water crisis still fresh in everyone’s minds and certain areas still being affected by it, water storage has become an important consideration for residential areas in South Africa. Many options are available to avoid using the municipal water supply, which might fail from time to time or become contaminated, potentially making it hazardous to consume. Having a residential borehole can assist in replacing your municipal supply when it fails, but can has its own set of challenges.

This is where Aquadam supplies a viable solution that will not only provide water when you need it most, but also have multifunctional applications to allow for various uses in and around your household. With our Home Tank, the sky is the limit regarding functionality, as it stores rainwater that can be used in many different situations. Although a residential borehole can supply water too, it still requires electricity to operate the pumps and get access to an alternative source of usable water, whereas a water storage tank can store rainwater and grant you access to the water at any time you need it. Aquadam has a range of home water storage tanks for sale that can be used in various scenarios. Today, we will focus on how these water storage tanks we have for sale can be beneficial for your household, improving the situation for when the municipal supply fails.

Rainwater Storage Tanks for Sale

 Our Home Tank model serves as your own personal rainwater reservoir at home, allowing you to pump the water into your household’s plumbing for general ablution purposes for when the municipal water source is interrupted and you have nowhere to turn for a supply of water. Rainwater can also be used for outdoor purposes such as watering the garden or washing your car, saving you money in the process by not having to use your municipal supply. In most cases, rainwater does not contain any dangerous chemicals, making it a safe source of water that can be used daily to not only save some money on your municipal bill, but also give you up to 60 000 ℓ of rainwater that can be utilised for various uses around the house.

These water storage tanks we offer for sale feature complete UV protection against the sun, protecting your rainwater from algae build-up in the tank and dirt that might contaminate the water over time. They also feature uniquely profiled zinc-aluminium-coated steel, granting mechanical strength and firmness to ensure that the water storage tanks are robust and reliable in structure. A polymer coating is applied between the tank and the water being stored inside, reducing any corrosion over time by keeping the water away from the metal surface.

Aquadam offers various water storage tanks for sale, including our Home Tank that can provide rainwater for when you really need it at home. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and further details on these tanks, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose Aquadam today and always have a viable and clean source of water at your home, saving you valuable time and money in the process.