About Rain Water Harvesting

Water treatment plants are coming under increasing pressure to supply clean, safe water. As the demand increases so will the cost. By harvesting and utilising rainwater in our homes and on our gardens, we can reduce our demand for municipal water, thus reducing our monthly bill. Water and electricity are both critical services, however the temporary loss of water is a very serious issue for a household.

By plumbing your stored rainwater into your house, you can flush toilets, wash clothes or even shower or bath. By harvesting and utilising rainwater we lower our demand for municipal water, reducing our dependence on dams and water treatment plants. Rainwater is a safe, clean source of water. Rainwater contains no chemicals added by water treatment plants. It is softer and naturally pure making it perfect for your garden. Did you know?

You can reduce your household dependence on main water systems by 70% with the collection of rainwater from rooftops. Rainwater is pure and inexpensive and it does not contain harmful contaminants or chemicals. Then why pay for something that is naturally for free...

The Home Tank is an elegant yet practical zincalume rainwater harvesting tank to create a constant water supply.
Conserving and recycling rainwater is now so much easier for the discerning home owner to help manage water with flair.

Key Features

Save money on water bills by using your own water source.

100% UV protection against the sun.

Maximum capacities for the space you have.

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We as W.P.S selected Aquadam as our preferred tank supplier not because of price, but because of their helpfulness and willingness to cater for our specific needs. We as W.P.S can highly recommend Aquadam for good quality products.

W.P.S: Water Pump Services

Hydrotek has experienced good quality Tank's and good service from Aquadam over the past years.Hydrotek would have no reason not to recommend Aquadam's products for all your water storage needs.

Darren Elliott, Sales and Technical Director

The Glencore team would like to thank The Aquadam Team for the safe and professional manner which they constructed our new process water dam. Keep up the Good Work!!

Patrick Magee, Mine Manager UG2 Mines